What does self-service mean?

Our self-service solutions are a selection of equipment rentals from our warehouse available to be shipped to you for immediate use. You set it up, use it, and ship it back to us!

We also offer full service support for your meetings and events; this includes set-up and onsite technician services, customized devices, bulk rentals, consultations, and much more.

Which service level is right for me?

Self-Service Full Service
Set-up and Return Set-up, take-down, and return the equipment yourself Option to have someone set everything up for you, as well as take it down and return it to us
Customization Equipment rental is sent as-is from our warehouse; technical specifications may vary Option for your preferred software, apps, background images, etc to be pre-loaded onto devices
Support Limited and during standard business hours only 24/7 customer support and a consultative partner to make sure you find a solution that fits your needs
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“This sounds like what I need!”

Wonderful, we’re happy to help! Contact us to learn more about our full-service offerings.