Our Self-Service Solutions are great for events with simple AV or technology needs. You can easily place an order today!



The equipment will be shipped to you via FedEx and should arrive on the expected delivery date by 8PM.



Set-up and use the rental equipment for your event!



Pack up the equipment in the container it arrived in, attach the prepaid return shipping label, and bring it to a FedEx location.


Rental length | Delivery and Return dates

How long do you need the rental for?

  • If you need to use it for one day → choose the 1-Day Rental
  • If you need to use it for up to seven days → choose the 1-Week Rental
  • For rentals longer than seven days, please contact us to order

When you check out, you’ll choose an ‘Event Date’ which is the date you need to use the equipment.

  • For 1-week rentals, the Event Date should be the first day you need to use it.
  • The rental length begins on the Event Date.

The rental will be delivered 1-3 business days before the Event Date you choose at check out.

The equipment must be returned to and scanned by FedEx the day after your rental period ends.

The delivery window and return day are included at no cost. For rentals longer than seven days, please contact us to order.

Who We Work With

Meeting Tomorrow provides business-to-business rental services. We work exclusively with businesses, organizations, agencies, and meeting planners for their corporate events. Rentals are not available for personal use.