Damage and Theft Coverage is on my order

Highly Recommended

I opted out of Damage and Theft Coverage

Not Recommended

  • Covers any damage incurred to the equipment during your rental period that was not caused by intentional damage, gross negligence, theft or loss.
  • Covers theft of the equipment. If you need to leverage this coverage, you are required to send a copy of the local police report to Meeting Tomorrow within 24 hours of the occurrence
  • You are wholly responsible for any damage to the equipment whether non-intentional or intentional.
  • You are responsible for paying repair or replacement fees associated with any loss or theft of, or damages to, the equipment while the equipment is at the delivery location.


For all orders, with or without coverage: Equipment must be returned to Meeting Tomorrow in its original state and usable by Meeting Tomorrow. You are responsible to either help resolve the issue or pay for a full replacement of the equipment if the equipment is returned not in its original state. This also applies to equipment returned to Meeting Tomorrow with its software in an unusable state (e.g. with Apple iCloud Activation Lock or Jailbroken). You are responsible for both the equipment as well as all supplemental equipment provided, including but not limited to: cables, charging adapters, and protective cases.